6 Foods to Consider For Your Next Big Event

1. Canapes

Pre-dinner nibbles of some kind to whet your guests’ appetites are always going to be a winner. But canapes will make things look all the more extravagant using just a few simple ingredients.canapes

Using a bite-sized base such as bruschetta bread, melba toasts or even mini jacket potatoes, you can pile each canape as high as you like with a mix of protein and vegetables. Opt for smoked salmon; cream cheese with chives; hummus or salsa, and asparagus, dill, tomatoes or olives to top.

Remember that canapes aren’t just for starters – sweet canapes such as mini bitesized cheesecakes or brownies can impress too. Find plenty of inspirational recipes over on the BBC Good Food website.

2. Cold Centrepiece

You can’t go wrong with a beautifully cooked and presented centerpiece at your event, such as a large smoked salmon or boiled/roasted ham. Serve cold with a mix of accompanying vegetables, salads and dressings, and let your guests help themselves.

It may be useful to think about what flavours and textures go well together. Most people like to pile a bit of everything on their plate, so too many clashing dishes won’t go down as well. Be selective and combine carefully.

3. Hot Pot Dishes

One or two simple hot pot dishes with an accompanying carbohydrate is a fuss-free alternative to putting together lots of smaller fiddly dishes. Common one-pot dishes, such as a thai curry; mexican chilli or a wonderful Italian pasta are likely to go down a treat.

You’ll want to provide lashutterstock_158698952rge quantities so your guests can go back for seconds, and serve with whatever you think best compliments the main – rice; potatoes, or some freshly baked bread. Why not stick to a theme and serve additions like nachos; naan breads or marinated olives to complete the feast.

4. Hog Roast

A hog roast is a huge winner at larger events, particularly if part or all of it is taking place outdoors. Del Fuego can provide a delicious hog roast in Liverpool, which can be a delicious way to keep your guests warm.

Serve up with some fresh bread rolls, warm apple sauce or a range of tangy chutneys to compliment. Perfect handheld food.

6. Cupcake Tower

There’s few things more impressive than a tremendous tower of cupcakes, displayed expertly on a beautifully decorated cake stand. When it comes to the cupcakes, the more varied they are the better, both in sponge, filling and decoration.

Caterers like Camp Cupcake  can offer you cupcakes for any occasion, including corporate cupcakes with the business name displayed in icing. cupcakes-catering

7. Gourmet Popcorn/Candy Floss

Hiring a popcorn or candy floss stand for your event can be big hit, especially with children. It can be a nice addition or alternative to dessert (depending on the event), and the fun packaging options available can make it all the more fun.

However, many caterers are taking this simple concept to the next level with gourmet popcorn – popcorn that’s made from all-natural ingredients and served warm, with glazes of caramel; chocolate; salt; dill pickle or cheddar cheese (for savoury options)! This is a real chance to do something different that will wow your guests. It’s also perfect for party favours.

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