The Definitive Guide To Herbs And Spices

Herbs and spices are a huge part of cooking, but I’ll admit that they are largely mystifying to me. They can provide every sort of flavour alteration, alter the smell and look of a dish, and transform it into either an incredible success or a catastrophic failure (see: when I attempted to make a chicken and rice stir fry with garlic, chillies, basil, ginger and a tin of coconut milk).

Tired of looking at the myriad of combinations of spices and seeing only inscrutable magic at work, I went looking for a guide to help show me, in simple terms, what to do with each spice, how to combine it with other seasonings and how to know when to use it and when to leave it out. It took a while of searching, but I’ve finally found it: the Spice Bible. The Codex of Herbs and Spices. The Well-Seasoned Holy Grail.

The following infographic will take every spice you may ever wish to use, and show a visual representation, give you a description of the flavour of the seasoning, and explain what dishes it belongs in. Meats, fish and vegetables that it pairs well with are included for each entry, as is an entry for which other seasonings it combines well with!

The simplicity of it is incredible, and in a field as diverse and complex as seasonings, it’s a welcome change from the complicated guides I’ve found elsewhere. I couldn’t help but share it!


Spices Guide

Now go forth and never cook a bland meal ever again!

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